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In Manus Tuas Commendo Spiritum Meum
Into your hands, I entrust my spirit.

Death is not a hunter unbeknownst to its prey.

One is always aware that it lies in wait. Though life is merely a journey to the grave,

it must not be undertaken without hope.

Only then will a traveler's story live on,

cherished by those who bid him farewell.

(Independent P3 male Protagonist, Post-Game, AU.)

—-Ah. It seems the door leading to the Velvet Room has opened. As the haunting Opera of the Soul plays faintly via the speakers that decorate the halls of Minato’s dreamworld, his hands slip a little further into his pockets, his head tilting off to the side. His slouched posture straightens just a tad, before he quietly observes the visitor.

A Velvet Room uniform. Is he related to Elizabeth, he briefly ponders?

"Were you looking for Philemon?"

It is his default question for those who are fellow dwellers upon the border of consciousness and unconsciousness.


It seems he had not allowed his spirit to roam for quite a while, and had granted himself actual rest.

Not to worry—The blunette has returned for the time being.

"….Who are you?"

>The outbreak of a clear, loud dissonance of thousand upon thousands of Peronae’s whispers suffusing Philemon’s domain doesn’t escape the blunette’s attention, his hands slipping out of his pockets to fall to his sides. Silvery optics look over this new ‘guest’ who’s feet have landed upon the chessboard floor of the gazebo overlooking the darkness.

>Minato is not one to enjoy fighting, but he will do so if he absolutely must, and prays that the strange girl who shares this domain with him whenever Philemon steps out remains out of sight.

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Nameless, yeees.

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>This wasn’t a visit he had accepted, nor a person he has expected to encounter upon one of his daily walks among the unconscious world. His quiet footsteps halt, as he pivots upon his heels to face the former teammate he once knew.

>A fellow student.

>A friend.


>He is not quite used to speaking up, his words quiet and just barely above a whisper. His words may have been blotted out by the music that emits from the headphones that are neatly hanging from around his neck, the tune of a haunting opera filling the silent space of Junpei’s dream.


“Very well,” he responded, following after the duplicate, prepared for whatever was going to happen.

"I won’t lead for the entirety."

>It’s best to get things out of the way.

"Once we enter your dream, you are the guide. We must find whatever Nyarlathotep planted into your head, and to destroy it."

  • Minato’s dream takes the form of a distorted, and faded to the point of washed out version of Gekkoukan High, where the Aria of the Soul plays from the speakers. There are many doors within the building that lead to his memories, although one leads to Philemon’s domain, whilst another leads to the room in which Belladonna and Nameless reside.
  • Mention of the conscious world is painful for the boy, but he will not make a show of it. It is up for you to notice, although he may ask that you leave if you continue to go on and on about the world he will possibly never be a part of again.
  • When he has nightmares, it takes form of himself drowning in a sea of darkness. Shadows. Minato has learned to manage with his nightmares by remembering his convictions, as well as the bonds he has made. He holds on tightly to the Answer that he had discovered.
  • The strange girl that drifts about Philemon’s domain assisted him the first time he had a nightmare.




My Renko might as well be an SMT chracter than a touhou one. Oops.


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You rang for a Kae creature, yes?


“…Nyarlathotep got into my head, messed with my Personae, and I’ve been having worse nightmares than before. Philemon said you could help with the nightmares,” he answered.

"You truly have lost sight of your Answer, then.”

>As much as he’d prefer to boot the boy out of his dream, Philemon seems to have ‘gifted’ his apprentice with a task.

>There’s a brief span of silence, before Minato turns on his heel so his back faces his doppelganger. His posture slouches once more.

"Follow me. I won’t wait for you if you lag behind."